North Dakota Attorney General

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North Dakota

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Nov 08, 2022

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Jan 02, 2022 - Sep 05, 2022


The Attorney General is the chief law enforcement officer for the State of North Dakota. Primary responsibilities of the position include, the enforcement of state consumer protection and antitrust laws, civil and criminal prosecution, serving as legal counsel representing the state in cases of litigation, and developing legal opinions at the request of public officials. The attorney general also serves on the Board of University and School Lands, Industrial Commission, Drug and Alcohol Commission, and the Judicial Council and Pardon Advisory Board. The Attorney General also oversees 15 agency divisions within the Office of the Attorney General, ranging from Criminal Investigation to Natural Resources and Indian Affairs. The attorney general serves a four-year term with no limit on the number of terms served. The salary of this position is $143,685 per year.

Application Guidelines
To file for this position follow these three steps: 1) Contact the North Dakota Secretary of State Division of Elections to confirm that your registered address qualifies you for the position you intend to run for, and that you meet other office specific qualifications. Obtain the correct candidacy filing paperwork. 2) Complete the required candidacy paperwork including: certification of nomination, affidavit of candidacy, nominating petitions if you are running as an independent and the appropriate campaign finance forms. File these papers with the appropriate filing officer. If you plan to run for a partisan position please contact your local party office for further instructions. 3) Submit the filing paperwork with the stipulated amount of signatures to the North Dakota Secretary of State Division of Elections. The amount of signatures varies by office. The filing deadline for independent candidates is the 64th day before the general election in November (if the 64th day before the general election falls on Labor Day, the deadline will be the following business day). Candidates may not circulate petitions earlier than 150 days from when they are due. The North Dakota Secretary of State Division of Elections is the point of contact for any questions or concerns you may have. The Division of Elections can be reached at (701) 328-4146. Additionally, the North Dakota Elections Calendar can be found here:

Submit application to:
CA Secretary of State-Elections, 1500 11th Street, Sacramento, CA, 95814, US